Jordan – Jerash

Note: This post was written in 2014.

Before going to Jordan I had no idea how many Roman ruins there are there. It’s astounding to see half a Roman city surrounded by a modern-day one. If you go to Jordan, you really must see Jerash. You need at least 3 hours if you plan to take in the gladiator show.

We watched the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (12 JOD/$16.95) at the hippodrome. The legionaries demonstrated Roman fighting techniques which were quite interesting. The chariot race left something to be desired. One of the charioteers couldn’t get his horses under control. Both charioteers looked absolutely terrified the entire time; I don’t blame them.
Before the show one of the legionnaires held my partner’s hand while we chatted with him. Jordanians are a really friendly bunch.

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