Quest Items

Quest Items are those items necessary for completing particular quests. Depending on how and which quests you choose, your quest items may vary. This page details some of the more universal quest items we’ve come across.

#1 Cat belly:

The number one quest item required for completing any quest traveling the world is “cat belly.” Fortunately, you do not have to bring this item with you as cat belly can be pet just about anywhere in the habitable portions of this earth and possibly beyond (see the first cat in space and omg cats in space).

#2 Fast drying clothes:

It is never fun to be stuck in a situation where you have to just sit and wait while wet. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but it can also become hazardous to your health. Fast drying clothes are made for warm or cold weather, and it is important that you have at least one full attire made of fast drying material. Often this material is advertised as “wicking,” and today there are many different material types available for all types of climates from natural fibers like marino wool, to myriad synthetic fabrics. These clothes also have the other advantages beyond keeping you dry, they allow you to do laundry faster and more frequent. This quality can allow a person to travel with much less clothing for long term travel, and is an almost magical space saving hack for your pack. On top of carrying less clothes in total, and therefore less weight, the weight of these clothes themselves are often lighter in a one to one comparison.

#3 Travel Credit Card

The best features that apply to you may vary, but those that apply to everyone

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Card with an EMV chip
  • tap to pay

Credit cards with no foreign transaction fees are a must to help your questing be more about experiencing the world and less about being stopped by it. If you are a citizen of the USA, there are multiple credit cards available and they are worth the personal hunt to acquire the one thats right for you. You may encounter different limitations on your options depending on your personal credit score and what country you are from. We recommend sticking to Visa or MasterCard as they are accepted almost everywhere cards are whereas others may not be. You can get by without a EMV chip in many cases, but is much more convenient if you have a card with the technology specifically designed to be supported by world wide payment processors. Additionally, tap to pay is not required but is much faster to complete the transaction that inserting the chip into the reader. Another handy option to consider if you already have a card with the rewards you want and no foreign transaction fees, but are missing either the EMV chip or tap to pay feature is to use Apple Pay, Android Pay, or a Bank App that supports the same Near Field communication for payment. The only downside here is that you need a current enough smartphone to unlock this feature. In our experience, Apple Pay has by far been the most convenient way to pay at terminals world wide.

#4 Checking Account with no ATMs fees world-wide

Free ATM usage world-wide is a must for traveling outside your home country. You will come across cash only establishments, and you might come across some payment terminals that don’t process credit card transactions. For citizens of the USA we can personally recommend Charles Schwab Investor Checking for your ATM and debit style transaction needs. Schwab offers instant rebates on all ATM fees you may encounter. We simply use the ATM, ask for the amount of money you want withdrawn in the local currency, and Schwab does the rest.

The Schwab Checking Account also comes along with an investor’s Brokerage Account, so you have the added convenience of being able to invest in stocks, options, and other financial instruments if you choose – though this is not required. Their checking account is FDIC insured while the Brokerage account is not (true of all Brokerage accounts not just Schwab).

Note: Both Schwab Checking and Credit Cards tailored to world traveling avoid paying a “conversion fee” that you might otherwise pay when swapping out your home currency for the local currency. However, there will be a Foreign Currency Exchange that occurs in the background at the current exchange rates. So the debit or credit applied to your account likely won’t match the amount you see on the receipt.

#5 Carry On Compatible Pack

You want your pack to be no larger than needed, but large enough to carry everything you need. There is certainly an art and a science to what to pack, how to pack, and what to pack it all in. See our forthcoming blog postsfor advice on the best travel packs we’ve come across and all our best packing advice.