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Hadrian’s Arch (built 129 AD). Before going to Jordan I had no idea how many Roman ruins there are there. It’s astounding to see half a Roman city surrounded by a modern-day one. If you go to Jordan, you really must see Jerash (12 JOD/$16.95). You need at least 3 hours if you plan to take in the gladiator show. We watched the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (12 JOD/$16.95) at the… Read More

The hotel staff in Jordan make everything happen. Through them you can book tours, taxis, get restaurant suggestions, and even mail your postcards (for cheaper than the cost of a stamp…somehow.) The Mariam Hotel’s staff in Madaba organized a taxi to pick us up the following day for a half-day tour by taxi. This was a quasi guided tour in that the destinations and time spent at each stop were predetermined, but… Read More

After spending a few days in Amman we went to Madaba. We had a booked a car from our hotel in Madaba to drive us there from Amman. We waited about 45 minutes before Richard, the driver who picked us up from the airport, convinced us that the other driver wasn’t coming and he took us instead. The Mariam Hotel was 40 JOD ($57) a night. The room was clean and comfortable. Breakfast… Read More

Me, next to part of the Temple of Hercules at the Citadel. Amman is a massive, sprawling city. We stayed in the older part. Older, as in, going back to the time where it was part of the Roman Empire, and even earlier. People are quite conservative in this area. The only people we saw wearing shirts that didn’t cover them to the wrist were tourists. Couples should refrain from public displays… Read More

That’s me, my friend, and Richard at Al Mujib Dam. My friend and I decided to go on holiday (yeah I went on holiday while traveling) to a warmer climate. Turns out, Jordan can be down right chilly in March. We landed at Queen Alia International Airport, near Amman, and were met by our driver, Richard. Passport control at the airport was simple enough, at least for UK and US travelers. Present… Read More

Excellent views of the surrounding hills. The day we toured the ancient Roman city of Jerash we also planned to visit Ajloun Forest Reserve. After arriving we discovered that all the trails were closed due to all the rain from the days previous. We were quite bummed about missing out, but decided to make the best of it and tour Ajloun Castle instead. The castle was well worth the 1 JOD ($1.41)… Read More